Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Emily’s Bachelorette “after party”...

Oh man, I’ve been so MIA these past couple of weeks.
I promise I will still post how to make those glitter wine glasses! That was such a great, easy project! In the meantime…..
 I know I had also promised to post pictures from Emily’s bachelorette “after party”.
A handful of us girls had decided to take Emily’s bachelorette party to a new location and go to a local bar on the water. A band was playing that night and they were really good (which can’t be confirmed or denied because that might have been the wine talking) so we got the chance to dance!
 All I know or remember is that the band members were super nice to us and even invited us on stage to dance.
By the time we got off stage, the guys (or the husbands) had showed up to the bar we were at.
My one guy friend just looked at me in disgust and said, “God Mandy you are so sweaty!”
Hello, I was on stage. I had to put on my very best performance; which meant there was no time to think about minor consequences like having wet sweat hair or smelling like an armpit. On stage, means you have to bust out your very best dance moves and get so low that you have to pray to the lord above that you can get back up.
Whateves. We rocked it.
I think all the girls had a wonderful time dancing and hanging out!
I know Matt had fun with all the guys- they went out on the boat. By the time they had got over to the bar to meet us, my husband was sleeping on the bar. You know, Bogdan’s keep it classy.
The after party pics were taken with my girlfriend, Ashley’s, Iphone.

I love this picture of Matt and I. Matt goes, “I do not remember taking these pictures at all.”
What the hell, man.
The next day Matt felt sick. At dinner he looked at me really seriously and said, “I’m ready to start a family.”
Too old to party? I think so. I’m on the same page. I wouldn’t mind expanding family Bogdan in the near future.
Guess we'll see.
Sidenote: Anyone else into the band "The Gaslight Anthem?" I enjoy.


Brittany said...

Ahahaha y'all are so funny! Matt sounds like a fun drunk! The last time I had too much to drink (don't worry, it's been a few months), I swore never again...my hangovers are awful now! It sucks getting old. And YES to Operation Baby Bogden!!

laura said...

Looks like fun. Sad I didnt make it out for part 2. :)