Monday, July 23, 2012

Surprise for Emily

Saturday I had BIG plans. I was hosting my best girlfriend, Emily’s, bachelorette party at a local wine vineyard.
I had the works- homemade wine glasses (post on those to come), tasty sweets and lots of wonderful ladies ready to join in on the wine tasting fun.
And then I woke up Saturday and it was raining. Not even raining, pouring, monsoon pouring. I could have cried. I didn’t know what to do- cancel the bachelorette party?
I’m glad my sister and friend, Jess, were willing to help me make an executive decision. We decided to have a wine tasting at my house!
Jess and I went out and got 6 different types of wines to sample. (The woman at the liquor store even gave me a 15% discount for buying so many bottles. How nice was that?)
Even though this wasn’t a typical bachelorette party—loud club, sloppy drunk girls, yucky stippers and pen15 everything. This was more Emily’s speed; and I liked it.
(Although, a handful of us went out afterwards to a local bar and danced on stage with the band. I think we bought the right amount of crazy. I'll post those pics later).
My girlfriend, Emily, was so surprised. I was so happy. I was scared she would find out since we live across the street from each other.
Since we couldn’t go to the vineyard I just texted her Saturday and said to get really dressed up because I had a fun girl’s surprise for her and I to do. What in the world that would be….I do not know? ha! Surprisingly she didn’t ask too many questions.
The bachelorette party was so fun. We have such an amazing group of friends and neighbors. All the girls were so gracious about the last minute changes.
I love how these pictures turned out. (I just love how light and happy my house is- ha!)
My sister made these adorable cookies! I loved them!
Jess, my sister and I made these "last fling before the ring" wine glasses. All the girls loved them!
Post to come.

I think for a last minute party I pulled it off.
Emily seemed to have a wonderful time- yay!


Brittany said...

What a fabulous all look so pretty. I love that blue dress on you! And those wine glasses are really cute...your sister did good!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

You look gorgeous! So sweet of you to throw a surprise bachelorette party for your friend. What a good friend you are! The wine glasses are adorable! Good job on everything!

Faith said...

What an awesome friend you are! You did a fabulous job!

You looked gorgeous too!

Courtney B said...

You are such a SWEET friend!! It sounds like the party was just perfect... even though the rain ruined your original plans!

laura said...

When and why was I holding Chase, LOL!! Our glasses and cookies look so good!!