Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend in Review:

-          Friday enjoyed the madness that is “Magic Mike” with my coworker.
 (The movie was okay, Channing Tatum is insanely hott and an amazing dancer- I’m getting all hott and bothered thinking about his grindin dance moves).

-          Experienced my 1st migraine during “Magic Mike” not because of the hottness of the guys but because at work Friday we had a volunteer day (outside) and it was legitimately 105 degrees and I died.
Think I would have liked the movie even more if I wasn’t holding back vomit the whole time. Just sayin.

-          Boat trip Saturday for a good friends 26th birthday and fireworks on the water.

-          Tried my first Lime-A-Rita, have you heard of these? Margarita/bud light lime combo drink, holy amazing. But watch out 8% alcohol. They will knock you on your ass.

-          Spent majority of my time Saturday attempting to actually get on my raft---buzz rafting makes things a lot harder.

-          Joined the fried chicken eatin crew while out on the boat.

-          Dodged chicken bones being thrown at my head.  

-          Floated in amazingly huge/awesome blow-up raft that guy friends purchased for Captain SauceBoss aka Chris’ birthday.

-          Watched awesome fireworks show!  

-          Held onto best friend’s body as she puked off the top deck of the boat. Mental note: all day in the sun + no food + lots of alcohol + rocking boat = lots and lots and lots of vomit. (Poor doll).

-          Watched brother-in-law and husband almost walk under the line of fire---that was best friends vomit coming from the top deck.

-          Enjoyed time with the hubs and was very thankful for his grocery store/laundry effort- so that I could enjoy my weekend to its full capacity. Thank you, Matty!
Overall, wonderful weekend and this week is a four day work week---thats what's up.


Faith said...

Looks like a fun weekend, except for the puking, of course!

Yay for 4 day weeks!!!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Ha you make me laugh! Looks like a fun weekend! Enjoy your four day work week! : )

Brittany said...

Looks so fun! I agree about Magic Mike...not the greatest storyline but still entertaining :)