Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend and the Livin is Easy!

Us Bogdans had a jammed packed 4th of July weekend. We were so busy but we had so much fun! We honestly have the best group of friends. I feel so lucky! :-)

Saturday we actually convinced the guys to come to the pool with us. Say what? Yes, they actually came and I think they may have actually had fun.
See for yourself... 

 Idk, do you think the guys enjoyed themselves?
 Here's the most awkward pic ever taken of us. lol Dan was pretending to be dead (asleep)?
 Saturday night Matt had a show. Matt is the lead singer (lucky me) of the band, Bad Apples. Any excuse to dance, I'm there!  
Look at that stud :-)
Sunday both the Royalls and the Smiths were having parties. We ended up making it to both (of course).
Emmy and I made these yum yum Rum drinks!
 Pina Colada- Strawberry Daiquiri Mix with whip cream on top! Holy, Amazing!
 Me and the Hubby on the 4th!
 All the gals at the party. Plus Minnie the dog.
Paris Hilton of Essex?
And then we went to Jess and Dan's parents house. (I will post that and Monday's adventures later!)

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