Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Linganore Wine Festival

Saturday Matt and I went with Emily and Josh to the Linganore winery in Mount Airy, Maryland. It was Linganore's reggae festival. Emily and I have been talking about going to a winery since...well, since we've gotten into wine. This seemed to be the perfect opportunity (especially since Emily found a buy one get one admissions coupon- score!) It also seemed fitting for Matt and I to attend a reggae festival since we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and danced to "Is this Love" for our first dance at our wedding. 

Sidenote: Matt and I enjoy random music. We also like to buy odd little things from places we visit. Like our 2010 adventure to Myrtle Beach where we found our "Bob Marley Tribute" cd. Along with a couple other random things; a Spanish cd, my LOVE sign (which Matt told me looks like it belongs in a 12-year-old girls room- meany!) and our bongo. Anyway, the Bob Marley tribute cd ended up being one of our favorite cds to listen to last year. Hence, our decision to dance to the song "Is This Love" by Three Plus at our wedding and our current liking of reggae music. The festival just seemed very fitting.

When we finally arrived at the winery (an hour later) there were hundreds of cars lined up to get in and hundreds of people. We didn't except the festival to be that crowded. That's why I had to take a picture of the cars. When we ended up leaving at 3:30 (Festival ended at 6:00) there was literally a line 3 miles long waiting to get in. I'm not kidding. It was insane. Thank god we left a little early.
We got these great stemless wine glasses to sample over 14 different wines! I was in heaven.
We ended up taking a tour of the winery (free of charge). These huge tubes are where the white wines are stored.
 This was is the room where they bottle the wine. The owner of the winery was our tour guide. He told us so many awesome things, that I can't remember. Ha! All I know is that this machine allows them to bottle their wine insanely fast.
After the tour Em and I decided on a bottle of the Peach Wine. Yum yum! They had so many yummy types of summery wines.
The guys were good sports and made the best of the day. Even though I know they weren't as excited as Em and I. Thanks for going guys! :-)
Cheers husband!
They also had a bunch of different vendors there. (Which I love!) People were selling everything.
 Yes, even Top Hats!
 And Kentucky derby hats! But actually a lot of women were wearing these, the sun was hot!
One lady was selling these wine glasses that she had hand painted. Emily and I died over these- so pretty! (But they were a little too pricey for us- maybe I'll try to hand paint one myself..hmmm).
Emily and I were talking after the wine festival and both agreed that we needed to go to Boordy vineyards which is another winery close to our home. My mom and dad use to take me and my sister and our friends there when we were little. They always had a Zydeco band there and we would all dance the night away! Those were such great, fun times!


laura said...

Looks like fun I will def have to go next time!

Jessica said...

So jealous...it looked like so much fun! We definitely need to plan a trip to Boordy ASAP.