Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bad Blogger

Geezz, I've been a bad blogger this week. I'm forcing myself to post something. I want everyone to stay interested in "Life as Bogdan." (“everyone” meaning, my sister).

This weekend Matt and I had a total M&M weekend. We hung out together every single day. (That actually doesn't happen a lot with our busy schedules and my love for the pool and Matt's hate for the pool). But we actually went to the pool together Saturday and had so much fun! It was over 100 degrees in B-more so we were forced to stay in the water the whole day. I got a great tan because of it- Yay!

After the pool we visited my father in-law in the hospital (sad face). Matt's dad has a ton of health problems and was feeling super bad Thursday night so my mother in-law had to call the ambulance. They took him in and found out that he has an infection in his lungs. He was in the ICU for a week. So scary. But he’s doing better and is in recovery now (happy face)!

Saturday night we went out with a group of our friends. I’ll post about that later. I have pics. Post are so much better with pics. (Don’t you agree?)

Anywho, Matt and I also looked at houses this weekend. The first five were the usual; pack of dog smell, never been cleaned, oddest smelling house ever, ceiling falling down, deck falling apart and then….we got to the last house and…we think we might have a potential winner. We couldn’t stop talking about this house once we left it. We have so many ideas for this house and kept talking about it like it was ours. We call it “1978” bc it was built in 1978 and it’s decorated totally 1970’s. We are still looking at other houses though; just keeping “1978” in our mind.  I will keep everyone posted. (“everyone” again; meaning, my sister) Monday we are going to look at other houses. Let the search continue.

This weekend we are going down the ocean, hon! I’m literally so excited about it. A bunch of us decided to take an Ocean City, Maryland trip. If you were raised in Baltimore, it’s tradition here to go every year. No matter how gross and expensive it gets. But no worries, we are staying in a one room hotel room with two other couples. Not awkward at all. It’s all any of us wanted to pay. Ha! This should be an interesting weekend to say the least. J

And so I leave you with a random Chase pic.
How cute does he look? Lovin them ears!

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laura said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!!! Have fun down the ocean.