Sunday, July 17, 2011

Waterfront Friday

Friday was a nice day. I got to work from home in the morning because my company was having a team building event. The event was a scavenger hunt through Fells Point. It was surprisingly fun. The object of the game was to take pictures doing crazy things- certain pictures were more points. The team with the most points won bragging rights. My team got sidetracked and were more worried about drinking at the bars then getting the pics. It was def. better then sitting at my cube all day, that's for sure!

After dinner Matt and I met a couple of our friends up at Wild Duck for drinks. It's been perfect 80 degree weather here in Baltimore so it was the perfect night to sit outside and watch the boats go by. 
Jess and I- I love this photo.
 Matt and Jess. I especially love this bar because you feel like you're at the beach. Palm trees, my favorite.
 Matt and I. I also love looking out at the sailboats. The sailboats remind me of my Pop-Pop, he was a sailor. I think he would of really liked this place.
 And yes, Jess and I decided to hold the sun.
Saturday we went to a wine festival! I'll post about that later.


TJOsMommy said...

i love you shirt!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks! It's actually a really short dress- Ha!

laura said...

Looks like fun! Love wild duck!!

Jessica said...

We got some nice picture. Gotta love that sun setting kind of light!