Friday, July 15, 2011

Wild Duck Cafe

Sunday, I went up to my mom's pool by myself for a couple of hours to read some of my book and catch up on my tan. Sunday night, Matt and I met my mom, dad, Laur and Travis at Wild Duck for dinner. It was the perfect night! 
Travis had his trucks & cars with him. Look at that chub chub face, so cute!!
 Uncle Matt wanted Trav to wear his hat. 
 Matt got the Seafood club, shrimp salad and a crab cake. Holey moley, amazing!
 I made Matt pose by the mural.
 Matt and I down on the beach by the water and sailboats.
 The gorgeous view. (yes, that's Matt on his phone.)
 Boss showing Trav the water and boats.
 Boss and Uncle Matt took Trav to see the boats on the pier.
 I love this pic :-)
 Our weekends are always so busy but I like it that way. Summertime in Essex is the best. There are so many nice waterfront restaurants and so many things to do. This weekend is another busy weekend. We are going to a wine festival Saturday with Emily and Josh- I can't wait!!

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laura said...

Awww travis is so cute. He loved it there. We will have to go again before summer is over.