Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July Weekend Part II

Sunday night after Dana and Jason's party, we headed up to Jess' parent's house. This home is holy, amazing! I can't even imagine how much fun it was growing up there. They live right on the water and have every water sport imaginable, along with a pool and a tree swing. What's not to love?

This is a picture of their home from their pier. Yes, they also have their own pier. Amazing.
I insisted on getting on the floating barge (i think that's what this thingy is called). It was more unsteady then I thought. I'm surprised I didn't end up head first in the water. 
(Me with my "nervous" face)
I thought this floating thing was so much fun I HAD to take a picture with Emily and Jess. 
 Us trying to figure out how the hell we're going to get off this thing now. Me directing orders, when I have no clue (so typical).

Jess' parents also have paddle boat!! OMG Fun! Jess is such a pro she even brought her cocktail out, dang girl!
Jess and Emily switched spots while we were out on the water. Who knew you could even do that! I wasn't about to get out of my seat (I would of been in the water). 
Aww look at my Hubby. All he wanted to do was take this old boat (that washed up on their yard during a hurricane) out.  Why?
This is Nancy and Jeff (my coworker and her husband) pulling up in the boat behind me and my nephew, Trav (isn't he adorble?!) Life on the water. People pull their boats up to your house. Love it!
All of us sitting on Jess' parents yard waiting for the BIG fireworks show. The fireworks literally lasted 20mins with coordinating music! I hope I'm invited back next year. Hands down, best fireworks I have EVER seen.
 National Anthem. Told you, coordinating music.
 These were the real deal kind of fireworks.
After fireworks my nephew insisted on jumping on the trampoline. Who can argue, those things are incredibly fun! Of course I volunteered to take him on.
 Did I mention there were also glow necklaces. OMG, I LOVE IT! This is my sister, Laur, with her son, Travis. I've never seen anyone love their baby as much as my sister loves her "Twav." He is the coolest, funnest, cutest nephew in the world! I die over him
Can you believe it when I say their is more 4th of July. Oy! I will post more later. I'm off to Matt's show (in 10 mins). Opps so much for washing my hair. 


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Matthew Bogdan said...

Such a fun 4th of July!