Wednesday, November 30, 2011

“Friend’s Thanksgiving”

Friday was our official moving day.
We had so many friends show up to help us move. It was amazing and I was so grateful.
Later that night my mom, sister and I put away the kitchen while my Dad sat with Travis, my nephew, and watched a movie.
When we looked out into the living room, about ten minutes later, we found them like this…

Seriously, how stinkin cute is that!
Saturday evening our friends Ryan and Gina were having a “friend’s thanksgiving.”
I wasn’t sure if Matt and I were going to make it so I volunteered to just bring wine and a dessert.
Last year, was our first annual “friend’s thanksgiving” and it was a great time.
A friend’s thanksgiving entails, everyone bringing a dish and frying everything; from a turkey, to a duck, to snickers bar and Reese cups.
 I know what you’re thinking… fried snickers?!  Yes, they were as amazing as they sound!
So I was so really excited when Gina FB me last week about having our “friend’s thanksgiving” get together this year!
Ryan and Gina have a single-family house with a lot of land. So we also had a nice fire going outside!
I’m so glad Matt and I decided to go, even though we were both super tired and dressed in sweats.
A bottle of wine is just what I needed! J
 Our friend, Kevin, taped all his beer cans together. I really enjoyed it. Ha!
Overall, another successful "Friend's Thanksgiving!"

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laura said...

Awww Travis loves Chase!!! Did I tell you he wants us to buy Chase a gift because Santa isnt going to bring him one because he is a bad boy? LOL!