Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bustin out some color for spring...

I'm so happy it's officially spring!

Love that the days are longer and I get to feel the sunshine on my face again after a long day of work. 

Chase and I have been taking long walks when I get home from work. 
So long that Chase did four, yes four, poops yesterday. 
All within a 45 minute period. 
What am I feeding this dog? 
He's healthier than me. 
And that's saying a lot. 
TMI? Too much bowel movement talk?
Really, could this binker dog be any cuter?

I'm just all around happier now that it's nice out. 
It's been 70 degrees here, guys. 
And all the neighbors have been out every night talking, laughing and carrying on.
I live for this time of year!

I even feel like my wardrobe is happier--brighter--crazier?

 Dress: Forever 21 Sweater: Forever 21 Sunglasses: PacSun Boots: Old Navy Necklace: Gifted

I know, I have to say goodnight to these boots and bust out my scandals. 

I'm thinking pedicure this weekend.

I love me some nice weather!


Faith said...

So loving the weather!! And seriously how do our dogs poop so much in one day??

You look gorgeous!!! I love your dress! It is hard to retire the boots because I feel like I should still be wearing them.

Our weather is going to start going back down on Saturday (lame).

Brittany said...

You look absolutely beautiful! Such a fun dress! I actually went for a mani/pedi was a nice treat. You should definitely get some bright colors on those nails! :)