Sunday, March 25, 2012

I'm Loving...

My totally adorable owl wine glass charms, thank you Pier 1
These guys couldn't be any cuter! 
I was very excited to drink wine Friday night with my girlfriends and use these. Come to find out, another girlfriend is pregnant! 
Yay! Babies!
And more wine for myself and my bestie, Emily, I guess?
I told Emily, "Don't you go and get pregnant on me! I need a drinking partner this summer, damn it!" 
One last summer till us Bogdans start thinking of starting a family of our own. 
I'm TRYING to live it up here, ladies!
Don't these girls know that?
I'm very excited for all the baby madness that's entering our lives!
And let's be honest, Emily can hold her own and will make a fine drinking partner all summer with me.
Hooray, for Emily and her love of wine!
I'm also planning on inviting myself on my guy friend, Chris', houseboat a lot this summer, it was only natural that I HAD to have these boat shoes.
Thank you, Target for making floral boat shoes. 
You are my hero. 
I will live in these this spring/summer. 
And for $1 at Forever 21 I got the best eco-friendly bag ever designed. 
Don't mind the dog, he HAS to be where ever I am. 
Obsessed really.
But besides the cute dog, I love anything rainbow and bird/owl.
I couldn't pass up a rainbow owl bag. 
Who could?
And when my sister gave me this for my birthday, I feel in love.
 Lime green and a bird and a candle. 
Couldn't be anymore perfect for this girl. 
I'm just really enjoying all the bright colors and cuteness that's out there.
We went into Kirkland's today and holy, so hard to WALK AWAY.
I could buy that whole flippin store. 
Matt's picking up our new patio furniture tomorrow and getting 5 tons of dirt delivered to our house for the backyard. 
Girl, don't even ask. 
We got a lot of work to do on this houses exterior. 
Lord, help me. 
At least Chase is enjoying being able to sit out front in the grass.
Unlike the apartment's cement patio.
 Seriously, he's actually smiling about it. 
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


Faith said...

This post is full of so much cuteness!!! Love it!!

And this is our last summer without the talk of kids too so we intend to live it up, haha!

Dana said...

Love it! The owls are so cute! I can certainly fill in as a drinking buddy should anyone else not be able too! Lol

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

I have the same shoes!! I got them a couple weeks ago but haven't worn them yet, not sure why, I need to get on it! Love the owl back, so cute!

Brittany said...

Those boat shoes are so cute! I want some! Totally share your love of owls, too :)