Sunday, March 11, 2012

"It's a Boy!" Photo Shoot...

Last weekend, my dear friend, Jess asked me if I’d take some pictures for her and her husband announcing the sex of their baby. 

There are so many good ideas on Pinterest that she and I had been emailing back and forth different pictures ideas. 

We came to a mutual decision, no matter what, we needed two things- balloons and an “it’s a boy” sign. 

So when Sunday ended up being a very mild day Jess texted me asking if I’d take some pictures of her and her husband. 

She and I were super excited about it!

And even though I’m no professional photographer, I tried my best to take some good pictures for them! 

Jess put one of the pictures up on her FB page on her birthday (the day before mine) saying “Thank you all for the Birthday love! :) - I can't wait for my true gift to arrive this June! - A SWEET BABY BOY!! - Yup, it's a boy!!!!! ;-)”
 Seriously, aren't they just the cutest?! 
We love them! They are so fun and we can't wait to meet their little baby boy June 6th!

On another note, my girls night birthday party Friday night turned out to be so much fun! 

I only made recipes from Pinterest. 

The best thing ever was the Moscato Spritzer I made. Oh my yum!

Post to come, with recipes!


Brittany said...

Such cute pictures! Congratulations to your friends!

Faith said...

You did great!!! Love the pictures! :)

Can't wait to read all about your party and get some new recipes!!!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

Adorable pictures! It is so exciting when one of your best friends has a baby!

laura said...

Very cute!!