Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pastel Sunday...

I can't believe the weekend is officially over.

I might cry. 

Thank goodness I took off this Friday for my birthday party.

That makes the idea of work a little less painful. 

Anyway, I awkwardly made Matt take a few photos of me today because I really enjoyed my cream color sweater and my super pale pink ballerina flats. 

I really love all the pale pinks, yellows and purples that are out this season. The only problem is wearing them with my freakishly white Irish skin. 

I wonder if people thought I was shirtless today? 
You know how that happens're driving by someone, who's walking and you're like, "Is that lady wearing any pants? What! She's not wearing ANY pants....Ohh....wait a second.....nope, they are just the exact same color of her skin."

Huh? Anyone else ever do that? Ha. 

Well, I forbid to let this pasty pale skin hold me back from wearing cute pastel colors.

 Sweater: Forever 21 Skinny Jeans: NY&Co Pale Pink Flats: Charlotte Russe Gold Bangles: Charlotte Russe

I can't wait for spring to be here! I went birthday shopping with my mom and got some cute spring/summer stuff. 

Can't wait to wear a certain dress for my birthday. 

Oh and check out this cupcake cuteness for my birthday celebration....
Thank you Walmart. 


TJOsMommy said...

You are so beautiful!

Happy early birthday!

We just celebrated my daughters bday, and the dollar store has cupcake shaped HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons...check them out ;)

Brittany said...

You are gorgeous Mandy! I love that sweater!!

laura said...

I can only imagine what our neighbors think of your photo shoots. HAHA! come on spring!

Mandy said...

Thanks girls!!

Laur- Jesse always "happens" to be outside, you know he likes what he sees....LMAO!

Faith said...

you are gorgeous! loving the outift!

and you are hilarious! you are not the same color as your top!!!

and i am loving the cupcake plates and napkins ... i can just see how much fun your birthday party is going to be! can i come?!

Whitney@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

I feel ya on the pale skin! No matter what I do I can't get a tan. I'm loving the look gorgeous!

Mandy said...

@ Faith- Of course you can come!! I mean, I feel like we’re besties. I legitimately said to myself this past weekend, “I wonder how Faith’s vacation is going?” Hahah! Plus I think we would be able to keep up with each other. Ha!

@Whitney- Hahah! This Irish skin will be the death of me and all things pastel…