Thursday, March 1, 2012


I can’t believe it’s already March?!
 St. Patty's circa 2009

That means my birthday is right around the corner, next Thursday (March 8th) to be exact.
I’ll be turning 26-years-old.

I still feel 16. The fact that I’m closer to 30-years-old then 20-years-old is just odd to me.

I told my mom I still feel like I’m 16-years-old and she said, “Oh get over it, that was 10-years-ago.”

Wow it really was a whole decade ago, scary.

One of my best girlfriend’s, Jess’, birthday is the day before mine so the last couple of years we’ve been having combined birthday parties! Which is really fun since we have all the same friends.

But this year Jess is knocked-up, so that means no drinky drinks for my little fellow Pisces doll.

So we wanted to do something different this year for our birthdays and then the perfect opportunity rolled into my lap. Like it was meant to be…

Now not everyone will agree with this and some people might actually not like it but I’m all about it. That’s what happens when you’re raised by hippie parents, you’re more open to weird things.

I’m talking about a reader, a psychic reader.

Let me give you a little background on this particular reader.

2004- I was in a bad horrible relationship with a guy I couldn’t get away from. I was really depressed and felt like I would never be able to get out of the relationship and get my life back.
I entered a little Egyptian restaurant one night with a girlfriend and saw a sign that said “psychic readings- $1 a minute.” I thought, why not? What do I have to lose? Except for the $10 I was about to spend.
The readers name was Kaylin and was very sweet.

Right when I sat down she yelled out, “That’s not your ring. That ring gives off a whole different energy then you. Is that your Grandma’s ring?”

It was. I use to wear my Grandma’s engagement ring on my right ring finger.

I told the reader, I was depressed I just couldn’t get away from this guy who wasn’t right for me.

She told me, “Honey, you’re already away.”
Me, thinking…Ummm no, I can’t get away.
Reader, “You’re going to meet a guy at a new club. He’s seen you before but you’ve never seen him. He looks at you with beautiful eyes. He loves you and this will be your husband.”

This stuck with me the most but she also continued to tell me other things about college and my life.
Before I left she said. “Honey, your Grandma says, stop throwing those empty cigarette packs over your shoulder in the car. You keep hitting her.”

I use to smoke cigs (Didn’t everyone at 18?) and I really would throw the empty cigarette pack over my right shoulder into the back seat of my car.
It was so weird. How did she know that?

Fast-forward 7months later---

I had been dating Matt for a while when he admits to remembering me from a friend’s graduation party. (at the grad party I was 14-yers-old, he was 17-years-old) He told me I was standing at the kitchen door and he looked up and “Oh my god, she’s beautiful” just fell out of his mouth.
Matt had a girlfriend at the time and I have no memory of seeing him there at all. He had “seen me before but I hadn’t seen him” like the reader said.

Than I thought about everything she said. I met Matt at a “new club” and he had seen me before and remembered me. Matt was one of the kindest, funniest guys I had ever met. Was this who the reader was talking about?

Matt was. It was so odd.

When I went to return to the Egyptian restaurant a year later, she was no longer there. I was disappointed because it had just been a fun experience and everything she said was true.

Fast-forward 5-years later (A month ago)

A woman at work is telling me about her weekend and how she went to a friend’s party with a reader. Tell me why, this reader was Kaylin. The same reader that had gave me a reading 5-year earlier and nailed it! I told my coworker, I must get her number and have a party!

I asked the hubs, “How shady is it to have a psychic reader come to the house for mine and Jess’ birthday party?”
Hubs, “Pretty shady Mandy but we can hide our nice stuff.”
Me, “What nice stuff do we even have for her to steal?”
Hubs, “Hmmm”

So it was settled, my 26th birthday would be celebrated with a girls night and a psychic reader. The party is next Friday, I can’t friggin wait!!

I will have to post about the party and what the reader says about my life! You just have to take the readings with a grain of salt. Has anyone else ever gotten a reading done?  

And I'll leave you with some old birthday pics!
Jess, Emily & I 2010
Girlies 2010?

 I think this sums up how most of my birthday's end.

T.P. on your shoe- classic.


Danielle said...

Love your stories. I still feel like I'm 16, too, by the way. All the time. When did we get old? Love your blog. Newest reader!

laura said...

Not too in to the whole "seeing the future" thing but I am in to drinks so I will probably stop by! HAHA!