Monday, August 1, 2011

Total Beach Bum!

This weekend Matt and I went to Ocean City, Maryland with a group of our friends. We had a wonderful time! It was amazing to work on only one thing, my tan! (And dang, I got me one) We spent all weekend relaxing on the beach and enjoyed a few yummy cocktails at night.
The guys got Bud Light Limes- They were going down easy :-)
 Dan and Matt got these "Tootsie'" (that's what I kept calling them). As you can see, (in the background) they literally made Matt sick. Poor guy came out of the shower sweating and physically sick :-( As you can see, Dan couldn't of been (crazier) happier. lol
 Friday night we went to Fagers Island for dinner. Random: Matt's friends band was playing there- we didn't even know. How fun!
We spent everyday, all day at the beach. Literally from 11-5, just the way I like it! Came home with a nice tan! I love me some sunshine.  
 The guys treated themselves to Thraser's Fries- Yum!
 We also got these huge lemonades. $1.95 refills- we def. took advantage of them!
 This is the famous Josh dolphin dive. The guys insisted on me taking a photo of it.(Can't believe I actually got most of them in the air- Yay!)
The ocean water was so calm. Perfect, really. Dana and I spent most of Saturday sitting on the waters edge. Only downfall, clumps of sand in our butts. Made for an awkward walk to the bathroom.
 Saturday we hit the boardwalk. We got a late start since we were on the beach for so long. So we decided to walk the boardwalk. You have too hit the boardwalk at least once when you go down the ocean, hon.
Saturday we did Dough Roller pizza for dinner. Tradition.
 Look at my hubby, so handsome :-)
 We all decided that we should treat ourselves and spend the $.50 to go down the pier. It was worth it- great pics and we saw lots of fish.
 Matt and I really enjoyed our weekend with our friends. We needed it. It was nice to get away and leave the pressures and stress of house hunting behind us. A fun weekend like that makes it hard to get back into the routine of work. (Boo work.)

I think Matt ended our weekend on high with his delicious dinner that he made. Shrimp, veggies and a baked potato. Mmm Mmm!
This is our last planned vacation this summer. Tear. I hope we can get down one more time. If not, def. next year we'll have to plan for a week down OC. I'm such a summer girl. So many fun things to do!

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laura said...

Looks like a fun time! I am jealous of the tan. OC always turns out trashy yet great. lol!