Monday, November 21, 2011

Emmy's Birthday Celebration

Friday we had my best friend, Emily’s, birthday celebration.
Matt’s band was playing at a local biker bar, so we all decided to go up and celebrate there.
Although, it is a biker bar everyone is always courteous to us and most importantly, there is a dance floor.
We totally took advantage of the dance floor and danced the whole night. (I’m lucky because I love to dance and so do all our friends!)
I love this jumping photo of Matt!
Oh and life lesson learned Friday night.
 Never, I mean never, wear your mustard colored dress and black tights on Ravens “purple Friday.”
You will hear an abundance of shit from all of Baltimore. (Steelers colors, lesson learned.)
Sorry Baltimore folk. Didn’t even cross my mind that my love for all things mustard yellow would lead to assuming I’m a Steelers fan.
Come on, NEVER!

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