Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I can now check, ‘visit a castle’ off my list of “to do’s”

My girlfriend Jackie, from high school, is getting married in January.
And guess where her bridal shower was Sunday?
In a castle!
A friggin castle.
It was so awesome.
Will Smith and Jadad Pinkett Smith got married at the Clositers, so awesome. (She's from Baltimore).
I loved every single second of it.
My girlfriend Juls and I even explored and went all the way to the top of this old castle.
I could have shit my pants. It was so scary and I for sure thought the hunchback of notre dame was going to come out of one of the rooms and murder me.  
(If you don’t know, I love this scary stuff! So I loved every second of this old castle).
I’ve already decided that Juls MUST get married here. It was amazing!
This was one of the random rooms on the top floor. So cool.
(Jackie and I)
We cleary won the toilet paper bride dress contest.

Event though I got showered and dressed in a half hour (bc of painting) I enjoyed seeing my high school girlfriends and celebrating with Jackie.

Can't wait till the wedding! 

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Ashley aka Blankie aka Blanksta Gangsta lol said...

LOVED THE PLACE! yea one of us girls needs to get married here so I can explore since I missed out on the adventure you & juls had!! :-) we deff need to hangout more! Love ya!