Monday, November 14, 2011

The house consumes us…

Recently, our weekends have been spent working on the house.
There is no time to do anything else but fix this little house, which we will soon call home.
I don’t mind fixing up the house though.
But the painting.
The painting is another story.
I finally finished painting all the rooms of the house this weekend; while Matt and about five of his friends worked on the drainage system in the backyard.
(Backyard was always wet, that’s why Matt wanted to put this drainage thing in the backyard so it would actually be dry back there).
Looks high tech. Like I said before, Matt’s a smarty-pants when it comes to all this “house stuff.”
I’m a lucky girl marrying this guy.
We also went a little crazy with a chainsaw.
Damn, chainsaws are fun.
Backyard looks a little bare now, but good.
On a different note; I’m old these days.
I turned down a happy hour with some people at work Friday to go vintage rug shopping.
I know, how old of me.
But hey, a girls gotta do, what she’s gotta do, to make her home look perfect. (Huh?) Right?
I’m anxious.
I can’t wait to get our stuff in the new home and start to decorate!
So many new purchases.
So many.  
Friday, this sweet boy (and my sister and her BF) met me for lunch.

It totally made my Friday.


laura said...

How did you get your blog like this? So much work but so worth it. You are almost done.

Bon Bon said...

I'm the worst painter ever! I can do it for about 10 minutes, and then my mind is scrambling for a way out of it:-) xoxo

Stephanie said...

Oh my, we are in the middle of doing the exact same thing in our backyard! UGH!

Jenna E said...

we just finished painting our new house and my husband just accepted a job offer to move across Canada. Uggggh NO MORE PAINTING! I swear I'll just pick a house that had colours I love or I will def hire a painter :p