Thursday, November 3, 2011

My heart belongs to Buzz Lightyear...

My nephew, Trav, loves anything Toy Story. (Like every young American boy).  
So when my sister and I took Trav to get his Halloween costume a few weeks back, it was only natural that he chose Buzz.
My sister really wanted Trav to be something different like a pirate. So while we were standing in front of the tall wall of hundreds of costumes at Party City; I heard my sister repeating under her breath, “Please don’t see Buzz, Please don’t see Buzz. Please don’t see buzz”
Naturally, Trav spots Buzz and yells, “I be Buzz Mommy! I be Buzz!”
So it was done, he was Buzz.
(And of course, my sister takes back the Party City Buzz costume and gets her baby boy the expensive Disney store costume).
Worth every penny. This baby boy made my heart melt. (Plus this costume lit up!)

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