Thursday, November 3, 2011

A much different Halloween this year...

Monday, was settlement. (Halloween)
It was a long day to say the least.
When we finally left the realtors office at 5:30, we went directly to the new house.
We pulled up to my Mom, my sister and our neighbor, Casey all out front with their video cameras in hand.
They videotaped our arrival.
My sister also ran across the front yard (dressed like a cat) and put my pumpkin that I had painted with Trav on our front door step (of the new house).
They are all too sweet. How lucky are we to get to live near all these wonderful people?
They also suggested for Matt to carry me across the threshold. He did. A$$ up in the air. I’m sure that video footage is awkward.  
My sister’s four nieces came over to walk around for Halloween. (I walked with them. Sam Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale in hand. I needed it after that day).
I might have also had a slight anxiety attack later that Monday night. And ran out of the new house with Chase and walked home in the dark by myself on Halloween.
But I’m ok now.
I’m finally excited!
Guys, I even weed-wacked the front yard.
Not well, but I did it. That thing was heavy and I sucked at it. I kept making bold spots- oops! (My sister’s lawn mower died, so I still have to mow). But I surely weed-wacked the crap out of that yard. Terrible.
This weekend we're painting.
Any suggestions on color?
I’m having a hard time with a kitchen color, I’m thinking mustard yellow. (I’m into it)
Living room, I’m thinking tan and green.
After living in an all white apartment for three years, I need color in my life!

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