Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ain't Nothin Like a Redneck Party...

Best way to guarantee that your party will be a hit; make it a redneck themed party.
Saturday, was our neighbor and friend, Chuck’s 30th birthday party.
His wife Jeanette did a great job.
Everything at the party had a hillbilly twist. From the duck tape invites to the wheel barrel cooler, it was redneck perfection.

Invite read, “We ain’t havin no yard sale! Get your redneck on. Git off that couch on yer front yard and wander over to Chuck's surprise 30th birthday for a knee-slappin, goat-lovin, good time!”
 Jeanette is so creative.
In order to get the perfect redneck outfit we hit up Super Thrift by our house with Jess and Dan.
What a treat that we live in Essex (reputation for being a little “hillbilly”) because that made for a large variety of clothes to choose from.
Guy’s outfits were perfection. (Jess and I really wear our shirts in real life-Ha!)

Chuck’s wife, Jeanette, went all out. She had a DJ, karaoke, Bud Light Cake and a keg! And yes, of course, we did keg stands. We ain’t no preppies down here in Essex, hon.

The party was so much fun. I could go on and on about it. We seriously have the best neighbors and friends. We are so blessed.

I can’t even imagine the parties that will be in our future!

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laura said...

Yeee HAWWWW! This surely was a knee slapping good time Ya'lll!