Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So we did it again...

We went to Jamaica (second time in the last four months- be jealous).
Last time for our honeymoon, this time with the accounting firm I work for.
This Jamaican experience was a lot different.
I think I drank my bodyweight in rum.
Non-stop drinking for three days straight; it was out of control and so much fun.
I hardly drink anymore so I “might” have gotten a “little” wild.
Just a little.
Matt and I felt like old-pros being back in Jamaica at the same resort we were just at four months earlier. I told Matt, “Feels like were coming home.”(Don’t you hate when people say that).
We really did feel calm about the whole situation and I was so proud of myself being all brave on the plane sitting next to a stranger. Go me! (Matt and I didn’t sit next to each other during the plane ride and I was forced to get my $hit together and not freak out and grab the random man next to me hand. Although, I really don’t think he would have minded).
Jamaica was just as beautiful as we remembered.

We really had an amazing time. I think the firm plans on going back next year. I might have to hold-off on baby making if they're going back, I love it there!

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Jessica Holly said...

I must see pictures of this corgi mix!! P.S. I'm so jealous of your Jamaica trip(s) that sounds amazing right about now!!