Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wedding, Marriage and Maybe a House...

When it came to getting married, I was totally on board.
Matt, was hesitant at first. (He had big dreams to be a rock star. Don’t we all, don’t we all.)  
Marriage was important to me. A commitment to each other that, to me, really means something.
Not being married, to Matt, but washing his clothes, cooking his dinner and basically wiping his ass made me feel like I wasn’t “good” enough. Kind of like saying, he was waiting for something better too come along.  
That’s why I needed Matt to put a ring on it.
So when Matt finally joined team marriage, I was beyond happy.
People literally told me after the wedding, they had never seen a bride and groom smile so much.
(I love this picutre of my Father In-Law, Matt and my Father)

Hello people, I was beyond happy! I waited 6 years to marry this man. (It was def. worth the wait.)
Our wedding was simple. fun. Us.
 And after almost 7 years together (4 months of marriage), Matt still makes me laugh so hard my face hurts and still thinks all the weird things I do are “cute” and “silly.” (Not just plain weird, which we all know they are).
And to think; if the home inspection this weekend goes well, we might be homeowners.
Life is going pretty well for us Bogdans.
All our hard work paid off.

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