Sunday, October 2, 2011

This weekend I learned a few things....

A home is what you make it. So putting an offer in on a house that might need a little more work, equals a less stressful and more confident Mandy. (Fingers crossed that it's ours).

Having fun and laughing my a$$ off everyday is 100% worth staying in the neighborhood we're at. (We have some of the funniest friends here). 

The Bogdan/Kearns family really does know how to throw a party.

Drunk Matt, still hates sober Mandy. 
  I was secretly happy that drunk Matt got this huge tub of ice cold water poured on him-Ha!
Chase does know where home is. (Learned this the hard way, when drunk Matt insisted on walking Chase without a collar or leash. Thank the lord above Chase knew his way home. Inclusion, sober Mandy really, really hates drunk Matt).  

No matter what M&M always works things out. 

Sliver Moon diner on a Sunday morning with all our close friends should be a tradition.

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laura said...

Super weird weekend!