Monday, October 31, 2011

Go ugly, rather than cute.

Friday, my work had a Halloween contest. First place prize, $500. (I had to win; a new house and my fall shopping problem- this extra money was needed).
A couple of girls at work wanted to do a group costume. I was totally in. We didn’t have our Halloween party this year so it was my only chance to dress up.
At first (the four of us) thought the Beatles.
Too hard, costume would be expensive and would anyone really know who we were? (Could we really look like the Beatles?)
Than we decide on something so unattractive I felt lucky I’m not the insecure type.
This is what we came up with and I think I can safely say we nailed it..
 Are you scared? I'm not going to lie, I was scared of myself. It was odd to see that face looking back at me in the mirror! lol (I was Peter Criss aka the cat-looking one. No one wanted to be him. I didn't care).
We decided to go with KISS because... #1 it was cheap and it would be easy for our coworkers to know who we were.
Boy oh boy. I think people thought we were nuts. Ha!
Hardly anyone knew it was us.
Everyone kept saying, “Who are you?”
 I would say, “Peter Criss”
They would respond, “No, who are you actually?”
Ohhh…”It’s me, Mandy.”
I thought that accounted for 1st place. And yup, I was right.
We won 1st place!
Beers at Happy Hour to celebrate!

We already have next year’s costume picked out. Keep in mind, ugly wins over cute!

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