Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Good News....

This past weekend was interesting to say the least.
Matt acting a fool and almost losing the dog did put me in one fail mood but all wasn’t bad in the world of M&M (Matt and Mandy).
Something quite amazing happened.
We put an offer in on the Essex house
(the one that’s five down from my sister’s house) and…
Offer accepted!!
Holy mother of…
Can you believe it?
We got ourselves a home!
(Well if everything goes as planned, we got ourselves a home!)
The house needs some work. So don’t be thinking I’m going to post pictures of some amazingly gorgeous home. (That comes later once we get our hands on it! J I have some awesome decorating ideas and colors! And keep in mind; I enjoy color-fun, happy, bright!)
I’m excited for the future of M&M.
The “to-do list” is long, but doable. I don’t feel as stressed as I thought typical “Mandy” would. Although, the HUGE pimple on my chin could be saying other words…?
Home inspection is Saturday morning. Barf. I hope it goes well.
I’m happy to be able to stay so close to family (Especially my TRAV!) and friends that we love so much.
Can’t wait to have us some block parties. Holla!
Well, amazing sidenote:
Emily and Josh looked at the house connected to our friends, Jess and Dan, Sunday. They think they’re going to put an offer on the house.
Yup, we would all live on the same street. Wow.
Now, if only we all get to be stay-at-home moms together.
That would make my life!
Plan on posting some pics Saturday.


laura said...

YAY!!! A million times YAY!

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Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks Ladies!! Yay!!