Monday, October 17, 2011

Jamaica, Mon!

This Thursday Matt and I leave for Jamaica for my company’s annual firm trip.
I know, how lucky am I that my work takes us to Jamaica, mon.
Weird thing is; Matt and I have already been to Jamaica and to this exact resort (Secrets- Montego Bay) for our honeymoon.
What are the odds, what are the odds.
It’s all good though. We’ll go to Jamaica anytime we’re invited.
Our honeymoon was amazing, the resort was insane and the sunsets in Jamaica are bananas.
I can’t wait to go back.
Our honeymoon was our first out of the country trip together (this will be the second).
I wish today was Thursday and I was sitting on the beach with a "Jamaican Smile" in my hand.
"Jamaican Smile" Best frozen drink ever. Strawberry, Bananas, Pina Colda, Rum and Rum Creamer.
The following Monday after we return from Jamaica we settle on our house (Halloween- how awesome? My favorite holiday).

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laura said...

Have fun!! I am jealous!! It's packing time when you get back :)