Friday, September 30, 2011

Family Texts From the Week...

I thought on this glorious Friday I’d share some of the random text messages I got from my crazy lovely family this week.
These text messages got me through the work week
From my sister: Trav being a typical 2-year-old boy...Haha

 This week Trav called me (at 10:45pm on Wednesday) to tell me "Man Man, Trav go Pee Pee on da potty!" Yay!! So proud of him!

My mom texted me this picture yesterday while I was at work. Caption, "That's a snake" Only Cee Cee (my mom). Haha!

Matt texted me the oddest thing yesterday (he was working from home this week)
"2 poops so far today! The same for Chase."

Chase, is our dog. I think Matt might have had too much alone time with the dog. Ha!

I'm so excited for the weekend. (Well I'm always "so excited" for the weekend).

Matt's graduation party tomorrow, can't wait!


TJOsMommy said...

have you ever checked out ? Hilarious. You should send in the text from your mom :)

Mandy Bogdan said...

Lol I have! One day at work us girls were looking at them and crying- they were so funny!!

laura said...

My txt from mom was "that is a snake" I said "gross" and she said "it is 50 pounds"