Friday, August 12, 2011

Yogi Castle

My sister, Travis, Emily and I went to the mall last night to do some shopping. Travis mostly skipped his way through the majority of the mall. The whole time he’s attempting to do his best skip Trav yells, “Skip!, skip!, skip!, skip!” and also throws his right arm up in the air like a Jersey Shore fits pump. (It’s by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen).  I melt over Travis he’s so funny and makes me smile with all the cute things he says and does. Travis’ newest thing is answering “yeah” or “sure” to every question you ask him, it’s funny to hear a 2-year-old tell you “yeaah.” He’s such a great listener so it makes it easy to take him to the mall.
After the mall my sister and Emily wanted to go to the new yogurt place, Yogi Castle. I had never been but it was so awesome! You actually serve yourself your own yogurt. They have about 15 different flavors to choose from. After you get your yogurt flavor you then get to choose your own toppings. The toppings range from strawberries to butterfingers to fruity pebbles cereal. Mmm! I did a mixture of cookies and cream, snickerdoodle, and cake batter yogurt. I put butterfingers, sprinkles and choc fudge on top! Yummy! You pay by the size so I made sure to not put too much yogurt in my bowl. Most of the yogurts are low fat or fat free too! Holler! I loved it. I will def. go back!
Trav loves his sweets. He’s just like his Aunt Mandy in that way, because dang I got me a real sweet tooth.
Trav thought it was so funny when I whispered "Boogie Castle" in his ear. Clearly a real boys boy. (But I find boogies, farts, and poop talk hysterical also. Same blood I guess)

My sister, Trav and my bother in-law are going to Naples, Disney and Myrtle Beach on Tuesday. They are going to be gone for almost three weeks- tear. I'm going to be so sad not being able to hangout with them every day. I guess we'll just have to make up for it when they come back! :-)

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laura said...

Travis is the funniest ever!! Thanks for meeting me at the mall (a little later) and watching Travis while I bought a train shirt (that I had to have for Travis).

Also I am not going to myrtle. LOL!! Not sure how or when we are getting home so it might be true but as of now....