Monday, August 15, 2011

Friday Night Orioles Game!

All summer long my sister has been asking Matt and I to go to an Orioles game with her, my brother in-law and Trav. Matt and I both get home so late from work that we are never able to go (or feel like going). Friday my sister asked if Matt and I would want to go to a 7:00p.m. game with them. Friday is the perfect day for us because Matt has off on Fridays and I get out of work a little early in the summer on Fridays!
So we made our way down to Camden yards for my first Orioles game in about three years. It was a lot different then I remembered. They had a bunch of cool stuff for kids and a lot of fun little things going on during the game. (Like cartoon races against mustard, ketchup and relish, a kissing cam (so funny) and a dance contest). It was very lively and great to hear my little nephew yell “Go Oooo’s!” and “Charge!” Not to mention it was perfect weather. We also ran into our friends Jess and Dan while we were down there. It was great to see some familiar faces. Oh and we got free O’s t-shirts- Score! 
 Oh Matt.
 Trav literally makes my heart melt. He loved every second of the O's game.
 "Charge!!" (JK I don't know if that's what he was yelling but how cute is this little guy?!)
 Trav was against taking a picture with his Mommy and Aunt Man Man. Stinker.
 Note, Matt's crazy hat. My mom had gotten the hats for free from her work about a year ago. Matt kept his all this time (wow) and insisted on wearing it the whole game. But surprisingly, a lot of the guys had these type of hats on- crazy
 Trav feel asleep during the 7th inning. I'm proud of him for lasting that long!
 Trav looks adorable when he falls asleep. We ended up leaving during the 7th inning. (I didn't mind at all, baseball can be long) But of course Trav woke up once we got to the car. My sister said he stayed awake till 1:00am. Ha!
 O's game was fun. Glad we went. I wouldn't mind going again. But who am I kidding, it's football season soon! I'm ready for Sunday's at my sister's watching the Ravens games!!

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laura said...

Wow this seems like forever ago!!! Got to make it to ONE more game. Not ready for summer to end :( SAD FACE x's 100 million