Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The house hunt continues….

The sellers did not accept our offer for the home or counter offer. Odd. Annoying. All of the above. We were hoping they would counter for the full price of the home and help with the closing cost. I guess not. Now I don’t even want the home. Matt said I seem bitter about the whole situation. Me, bitter? No. (yes). More annoyed, then bitter. Matt said that this is a learning experience and we learned to not get too excited about a house that we put an offer on. (Not get excited about the single biggest investment of our life. Sounds impossible.) Matt is so good with these kind of situations and so calm. He was even calm when it came to deciding on the offer and faxing the offer over. I on the other hand, had sweat dripping down my pits and a knot in my stomach. I just kept thinking, “Wow, this is going to be all our money. No more random shopping trips. Good hair products. Dinner dates with the girls.” Scary. But then again, we want a family and in order to have a family I have to kiss the one bedroom apartment goodbye. So goodbye apartment and let the house hunting continue.

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TJOsMommy said...

It'll happen. You might have LOVED the house you put an offer in on, but what you don't know is there is an even better house waiting for you!!! True Story :) It's out there, and when you find it, you won't even remember this house!!! Good Luck!!!