Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I’m totally obsessed with...

Chocolate Chip Cookie Snowballs with marshmallow in the middle. I crave these every night of my life, since I discovered them three weeks ago. Baltimore Snowball Factory on Mace Ave, the best snowball stand EVER! (They even have Reese’s pieces sundaes, yes. They are divine).
Francesca’s. Just went for the first time today in Towson Mall. This is literally the store of my dreams. I have always rocked a kind of 1960’s style and this store is right up my alley. I die. Everything I love, this store has. Can I just work there?
Here is their website: I’m in clothes and accessory heaven

Outdoor Restaurants. If Matt and I are going out to eat (which we do every weekend) I have to go somewhere where we can sit outside. I love soaking up the sunshine and savoring every summer day.
Our favorites.
Carson’s Creekside (Matt’s band is actually playing here Saturday night- Double Score!)
Wild Duck (If you couldn’t already tell with my hundred post involving Wild Duck)
Bay Café
Canton Dockside

Coconut Vanilla Spray. Yum. So summery and delicious. I could eat it.

1980’s Sunglasses. I just purchased a pair of red 80’s sunglasses from PacSun. Yes, red. And I love every second of them.
This is them. I will have to have a photo shoot with them on.
Barefoot Moscato. I could drink a whole bottle of it. Wine, Champagne mix. Goes down so easy. :-)

Just a nice update on things I can't live without at this moment. Try some. I'm sure you'll also enjoy. :-)


laura said...

Moscato this weekend Fo Sho. And for the 100th time the snowball is called chocolate chip COOKIE. Chocolate chip would just be chocolate plus more chocolate. LOL!

Mandy Bogdan said...

I fixed it. Lol When I order it I always say Choc, Choc Chip snowball and she always ask "Double choc" Why can't I get my order right to save my life? lol