Thursday, August 25, 2011

Earthquake, House Hunt and Wine Bar?

This week has been an odd week for me. Between work, the earthquake and the never ending fail on the house hunting, I feel as if I’m in dire need of a cigarette and a (very strong) cocktail. Parise the lord tomorrow is Friday.

Tuesday’s earthquake was so crazy. I can’t believe we had an earthquake here in Baltimore. No one knew what the hell was going on in my office. I just thought the mail lady was dragging something enormous on her cart and it was shaking the ground. But it didn’t end. Then everyone was screaming, “What’s that? What is that?” We didn’t know what to do until one of our Directors told us to run for the stairs. Us Baltimore folks ain’t never been in no earthquake! That just doesn’t happen here.
 I was more worried for Matty since he works in DC. None of the phones were working. I finally got a hold of him and he was safe. His office closed. It took Matt five hours; yes, FIVE hours to get home from DC because the MARC train was suspended. Matt had to take three different types of transportation. (Poor guy).
When I got home our dog, Chase, was a little crazy and a picture had fell and our filing cabinets were open. No harm at our apartment. I was sure the whole apartment was going to be down when I got home. That thing is so old. (Hopefully, it stays sturdy for Hurricane Irene).
How bummed am I that we are having another rainy weekend? So bummed. That makes three in a row. I was trying to soak up as much sun as I could before summer is completely gone. But have no fear! I have a plan for this weekend. Two words. Wine Bar! Matt and I have wanted this wine bar ever since we visited our friends, the Skufis’, house. They had the cutest wine bar I had ever seen. (Their house is decorated like a magazine. I envy their decorating skills). Man, Matt and I chatted and chatted about how much we loved this damn wine bar. I finally asked my girlfriend if she would be totally mad if we copied. She’s so sweet; she said they didn’t mind at all. (This was about five months ago). So long behold, another rainy weekend and a couple hundred dollars to Crate and Barrel and wine bar!  (So we hope!) I’m hoping they have some in stock and we can spend the rainy weekend building it and setting it up. (We have our “don’t know what to do with, till we get a house” pile, in the corner of our living room in our apartment. I can put most of that stuff on the wine bar. Awesome!)
Do you love? I love.
Last night we looked at another house. Really nice house. It already had two offers on it. We joined the mix of offers and deny. So Matt and I are still on the house hunt. I’m bummed but I thought getting the wine bar would cheer me up. Then I can just stand next to it all weekend and sip wine. (odd image? It will be marvelous, I promise).


Jessica said...

I'm sorry you guys aren't having any good luck with the house hunt. Don't feel so bad, there are definitely down falls to becoming my currently leaky roof! Let me tell you how excited I am about that! :(

BUT, I love the Wine Bar! :)

Jamie said...

Love Love Love the wine bar! Glad you and Matt finally have it!

No wonder you have that gray hair, natural disasters and house-hunting will do that to you. Hang in there!

laura said...

Oh no Jess has a leaky roof? I am so out of the loop! Glad everyone survived the disaters while I was in FL!