Sunday, August 7, 2011

Booze Cruise!!!

Friday, my friend, Chris texted me asking if I wanted to go on a "booze cruise!" Um, hello...Hells Yesss! (Chris is my guy friend with the house boat). I was so excited and HAD to go! Emily and I had dinner plans with our girlfriend Ashley so we weren't sure if the boys were going to wait for us to get down to the marina before they took the house boat out. But our guy friends are so nice that they waited for us. Sweeet! Emily and I hurried down with our two bottles of wine to join our group of friends for the first booze cruise this summer! 
Here I am, wine in hand ready to take off on our booze cruise adventure! :-)
 Us girls have been waiting for Chris to take out his house boat since he's lived on it! (We usually just sit on the boat- Ha!)
 After a couple of glasses of wine I guess I enjoy giving the "peace" sign...hmmmm
 Chris' dog "The Buffet" went on the booze cruise too! I don't know how the dog or any of us DIDN'T fall off the boat. We tend to party a little hard when this particular group of friends gets together. Plus the water was rough. Barf.
The boys let Emmy and I drive the house boat for a bit (mostly just so we could take these totally cute photos). That boat was hard to control.
 I think the guys had themselves an amazing time too. Note the necklaces that I insisted everyone wear for our booze cruise. (Excuse me Dan, where is yours?)
It was so windy I told Em I would french braid her hair for her. Not bad after a couple glasses of wine.
The booze cruise ended up being one of the funniest nights we have had in a long time! We rode out to the River Watch (a small restaurant on the water.) They had a band playing and we drank our new favorite drink (Whipped Cream Vodka, Sprite and OJ) and danced our butts off!
The booze cruise was hands down, one of the best nights. I hope we go next Friday It's the perfect way to celebrate the weekend! I had so much fun! I have the best/funniest/craziest group of friends. Thank god, otherwise life would be soooo boring. Never a dull moment with these guys. :-)
 And to end this post on a personal note. Matt and I put an offer in on a house- Wow! I hope they accept.
A home. A real home with a fenced in backyard. And three stories. And a washer and dryer. OMG! It would be so amazing. I would love to own a home as nice as this one. Keep your fingers crossed for us. :-)

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laura said...

Wow this looks like a fun time. Love the french braid Emmie! But she needed a fishtale braid. You outfit is very nautical!