Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Don't Stop Us!

We were anticipating for a huge hurricane on the East coast this weekend and I was totally bummed. Luckily, it wasn't as bad as everyone had thought and we never lost power. Woo Hoo! 
But this hurricane and the rain it brought, totally messed with my ideal weekend plans. (Laying out by the pool before Fall comes) But all wasn't a bust this weekend. I made sure that Matt and I had solid plans. (I hate being bored on the weekends). 
This weekend was/is my Dad's 61st birthday. (Today is his actual birthday). I can't believe it, 6-1. My parents are in the best shape. They're total inspirations. 
It's tradition in our family to let the birthday boy or girl pick where they want to celebrate their birthday. Dad picked Bahama Breeze. Mmm Mmm.
The restaurant that my Dad picked is in the same area as the Crate and Barrel in Baltimore. Score! Remember when I mentioned the wine bar I wanted so badly, here. So Saturday Matt and I woke to a rainy crappy day. We decided it was def. a perfect day to finally spend our Crate and Barrel gift card and purchase the wine bar we wanted. 
It worked out perfectly because Matt and I wander the mall and met up with my parents at Dr. Visionworks to help my Mom pick out new glasses. 
I thought I looked great in these...
Dad and Matt liked these...
I really did end up finding a pair of glasses I liked and so did my Mom and my Dad. 
After the glasses search and shopping, we were all starving and in need of a cocktail. So to Bahama Breeze we went. 
 (My Mom and Dad)
 (Matty and I)
Happy 61st birthday Big Bill!!
The food there is insane. It's so friggin good. I could eat there everyday. Good choice Dad!
When we left the restaurant, it was odd. No one was on the roads and a lot of businesses were closed. Crazy. 
Matt def. wasn't bored last night. He had a project ahead of him. Building the wine bar!
 The end result, so cute! I couldn't stop staring at it. (Thank you Matt!)
 This is what we put on the shelves. I might change it. I just worked with what we had.
 (My girlfriend, Dana, made that shadow box. It was a wedding gift and has our wedding invite and bridal invite inside. It was the cutest idea ever!)
My dream came true, sipping wine at our new wine bar.
 (Note my soaked clothes and hair. I went to run Chase out and the wind was crazy. My umbrella got flipped inside out! I was laughing so hard. And to top it off, Chase didn't even pee. Thanks dog.)  
Now I can't wait to have a party! :-) 
I think the wine bar helps mend my broken heart from the never ending house search. 
I also think these helped....
I made s'mores during the hurricane! Ha! They were so good...


TJOsMommy said...

now i want a wine bar. and some smores.

laura said...

Sad I missed Dad's bday dinner. THere were a ton of bahama breezes in Fl. Maybe we can celebrate again this weekend? Glad I got you the mickey wine glass. Goes well with the bar. HA!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks girls!

Yes, Laur we can def. go again! :-)