Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A gray hair got me thinking...

Dang, I feel like things start to really go downhill (physically that is) at 25. Yesterday, at work while sitting at my cube staring into my mirror (checking my teeth for food) I saw it, a tiny wiry gray hair sticking out of the top of my head. “What the hell is that doing there,” I thought. Gosh, do I really have to start worrying about gray hairs at 25? I thought the constant exercise and limited food intake was bad enough. Really, now I have to worry about people spotting gray hairs in my head. Geez.
I called my mom on my way home from work. She confirmed my nightmare; she went totally gray in her 20’s (along with my Cunnie (Grandma)). Double bummer. Obviously, I know that things could be a lot worse than a couple gray hairs but I think the reality of it was a little shocking. I’m getting older. Inside, I still think I’m 16 and usually when someone asks my age I have to turn to Matt for an answer. (Although 25 is a little easier to remember).
I think the gray hair that sticks out of the top of my head is a reminder of how stressful life has been lately. House hunting is so not fun. Why does everyone say how fun it is? Maybe its fun when you find the right house and it’s officially yours. I can see that. I’m going to be so excited when we finally find our little first home. I can’t wait to make it our own. (I have a lot of grand ideas- just warning you Matt).
This weekend we plan on looking at four more houses. Wish us luck. I’ll be happy when we find one. Things are starting to get weird in our apartment complex, not that things weren’t already weird. Monday the lady down the hall from us stopped me on my way in from work to let me know she has a mouse in her apartment and it’s eating all her pretzels. Odd and so gross. If that didn’t scare me enough the woman downstairs from us called 911 because her apartment door got kicked in while she was at work. Nothing was taking though. Even odder. Matt said he’s scared for me and Chasey (our dog). I’m not really scared at our apartment complex but I am sick of all the drama there. The landlord never fixes anything and there is a domestic dispute at least once a week. (I think the one couple purposely comes out of their apartment to argue in the hallway. It’s a tad much). Anyway, it will be nice to get a home and not know everything about everyone in our neighborhood. (We only have 8 units at our apartment complex, everyone knows everyone’s business. Matt and I try and stay to ourselves).  Gosh, do I sound like a total Debbie Downer? I feel like this post is a little depressing. On a happy note, today is Wednesday, halfway done the week! Woo hoo! Matt and I have two parties to attend Saturday. Should be a nice weekend! Also Jess and I are going tonight to America’s Best to check out glasses frames- I’m excited! (Is that odd? I need new glasses so bad).
Well, I look forward to posting again! Also, my blog almost has a 1,000 views! Can you believe it? Who's all reading it? "Follow" my blog and comment on my post. I'm so curious to who's reading my little blog. :-)   


Matthew Bogdan said...

Thanks for the warning, you're beautiful, and we'll find our house!

Jamie said...

I agree with Matt, you two will find "your" house!! Keep looking and it will happen!!