Monday, August 15, 2011

Hart Miller Island!

This weekend was a rainy crapy mess. Saturday we had big plans to go on an all day boat outing with a bunch of our friends. I can’t believe it but we still all went out, despite the rain! My friend Chris had invited us all down to take a ride out to Hart Miller Island.
Bathing suit- check! Sunglasses- check! Fedora- check! Beer- check, check!! 
It took us a while to actually get out of the marina Saturday morning. (We were suppose to leave at 9:30, it ended up being more like 11:30). Chris’ battery had died on his boat and we had to stop and put gas in the boat. As we were getting gas, the rain started coming down hard. Boo. But that wasn’t going to stop us. Luckily, the rain ended up stopping a little ways out and we all migrated to the back of the boat where the guys did a Viking chug. (The idea is to chug the beer without bending your arm. Beer just got poured all over their bodies and Dan lost his hat- opps!)
 This pic is the best. Look at all the foam on Ryan- Haha!
 I think the guys were ready to party.
It took us about an hour to get to Hart Miller Island. By the time we got there Dan had to use the bathroom so bad that he jumped off the boat to swim to the public bathrooms on the island. “The Buffet” (Chris’ dog) jumped after him! My girlfriend Jill and I decided that we would jump off the boat after Buffet. Wow, that’s when I realized I am totally out of shape when it comes to swimming. Our friend Kevin came after us with Buffet’s life jacket. I’m sure the other boats thought we were all crazy. By the time we made our way back to the boat everyone was laying out on rafts in the water. The water is only up to your waste which is nice because you can actually stand. We floated around for most of the day and sipped on cocktails and beer. 
The rain kept coming and going all afternoon. After a few hours in the water us girls got cold. We ended up changing and just hanging out on the boat. The guys were throwing the football back and forth all day. Then the guys HAD to get out the giant sling shot.  It was all fun and games till they decided to launch a beer can out of the sling shot. It ended badly when a beer can hit Dan right in his eye- ouch!! Needless to say, Dan has a black eye and the guys decided to stick with shooting Buffet’s dog toy out of the sling shot and just watch Buffet, Matt, Josh and Jill chase after it.  
By the time we were ready to leave Hart Miller it was around 5:30. The rain started again just as we were leaving. Perfect timing we thought. But actually about 20mins into our journey home Chris yells “Look at the back of the boat!! Look at the back of the boat!!” OH-MY-GOD!! There was literally a water spout probably 15 feet wide heading right towards our boat! I was so scared! Chris was yelling at us girls “Get to the bottom of the boat! Go! This is not a drill!” This thing was headed right towards our boat! I literally thought we were going to die! A water spout had killed a bunch of people last year at the inner harbor on a water taxi. These things form out of nowhere. Luckily, this thing took a right and avoided our boat. Thank god. It was so crazy. After that everyone was going crazy and yelling that they kept seeing them. I made Matt give me a lifejacket (he gave me Buffets- ass lol) and I sat on Chris’ bed waiting till we got home safely. 
We made it home safely (obviously). But our adventure didn’t end there. Jill’s boyfriend Chuck fell into the water trying to lift Kevin out of the water, resulting in him hurting his knee and losing his glasses. Dan and Kevin decided that they would go back in the water and try and find Chuck’s glasses. (This all happened at the marina. That water is so fail. Barf). But surprisingly, Dan found the glasses! Go Dan!
When we got to the car my sister called and invited us (myself, Matt and my brother in-law) out to eat with her, Trav and my parents to Ruby Tuesday’s. Despite my river hair and lack of makeup I agreed to go. We were starving after our long day out on the boat. Plus, it was nice to see my parents who just got home from a weeklong vacation to Punta Cana. (Totally jealous of them).
Saturday, flew by. I couldn't believe that it was around 8:30 by the time we got home. Matt and I feel asleep so early. It was worth it though.

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