Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sometimes you just need to be Free!

Matt's band, Bad Apples, played their first show at Carson's Creekside this past weekend. Carson's is close to Matt and I because it's where we had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding. (totally funniest rehearsal dinner in history. We drank a ton of wine and went to the bar side of the restaurant and danced our booty's off while the live band played. If you can't tell already, I love live music and I love dancing). 

Anyway, Saturday a lot of Matt's family came out to see his band play. (They are the best family). My mother in-law even came out too, even though my father in-law was still in the hospital. I thought to myself, "You go girl!" My mother in-laws sister was there too and those two have waaay too much fun together. :-) I was so happy to see my mother in-law letting loose and really enjoying herself. She deserves it, she's been at that hospital every single day for the last month. She's a good wife. 

I feel like sometimes you just have to be free. That's exactly what my mother in-law did. Danced freely the whole night. (I'm so odd because I love dancing free. Meaning, dancing like no ones watching and really letting loose. Kind of like what you would think Phoebe from Friends would of danced like. Swaying your arms to and fro and just really enjoying the moment. With Matt being in a band I get to do this every weekend because how else are you suppose to dance to classic rock music.)
All our friends came out too. Those of us that went on the "Booze Cruise" the night before were dragging, just a little. Ok, maybe a lot. But it was worth it. I still managed to drink my Moscato. I couldn't not drink it, it's so good. (Also, I just love this top that I'm wearing. Got it from Francesca's- love that store!)
 We all match! You know how I feel about matching. I love it! I always make Matt and I match outfits. What? That's weird. Photos turn out so cute though!
This coming weekend we have so much going on. Should be amazing! Can't wait!

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