Thursday, September 29, 2011

Can't Even Imagine...

Today, after work, the house hunt continues.
We are looking at two homes.
One house is in my sister’s neighborhood in good ol’ Essex, hon.
OMG, have I told you?
My bf, Emily, and her boyfriend are considering buying a house also in my sister’s neighborhood.
The house Emily and Josh are looking at is connected to our good friends Jess and Dan’s home (that would mean we would all live in the same neighborhood).
 Could you imagine?
Sweet mother of god, that would be a fun a$$ neighborhood! I would love that.
But let’s not get too excited here, we still have to look at the home.
Matt and I did already look at this home (which we are looking at today) about 9 months ago when it first went on the market. The price was still high. Now the price has gone down about $25,000.
The house would need work, but that’s why you live in a neighborhood where you know everyone, right? Ha!
My sister said if we moved on her street she would literally “cry!” This coming from my sister means a lot. We call her and Jess the “CHB’s” (Cold Hearted Bitches). They don’t like mushy stuff like; crying, hugging or showing any sort of emotion.
I’m not going to lie; it would be pretty amazing to live on the same street as all our closest friends. 
OMG, I would totally be all, “Essex for life” if we moved there.  
Guess I’d have  a lot of “Only in Essex” blog post , sweeeet!
If we don't move too far, I'd have lots of moments like these with my little Trav.

I wouldn't mind that at all.


laura said...

Let's not go too crazy I might not physically cry but maybe just mentally cry. HAHA!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!! Ahhhh I am excited.

Mandy Bogdan said...

LOL I think you might cry....I will have to have my camera ready! lol

Omg! I'm so nervous right now! AHHHHHHHHHHH! lol

TJOsMommy said...

Did she cry???