Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happel Wedding

This weekend Matt and I had our friends Mike and Tiffany’s wedding. Matt was in the wedding so we had the rehearsal dinner Friday night (as I mentioned in my previous post).
Wow, talk about a monsoon. It was pouring Friday. I was glad I left work early Friday because I heard horror stories about it taking people three hours to get home. Omg, I would have died.
The Happel’s (Mike & Tiff) got married at the Maryland yacht club in Pasadena (which is on the water) and the plan was for them to get married outside. Totally didn’t seem like that was going to happen due to the extreme rain.
But there was a rainbow of hope (literally)! The sun and a rainbow ended up coming out Friday night!
 (I can't believe my little digital camera captured these beautiful photos. It ended up being a gorgeous night, Friday!)
The Bride to Be- they were able to practice outside once the rain finally stopped Friday night.

Also, after a few glasses of wine I did an anti-rain dance around Tiffany for it to not rain Saturday. Well, I think it worked! It ended up being gorgeous Saturday! And they got to have the wedding ceremony outside.
Mike's Dad also had his boat there. So the guys got ready on the boat. One guy jumped off the boat and almost missed the pier and ended up in the water. I couldn't stop laughing. It was a real treat.
 My husband, rocked that baby pink!
(The Groom, Mike, and Matt)
  (Tiffany and her Dad)
The perfect day! I was so glad the weather cleared up!
This picture cracks me up- she really got him.It was really up their noses. Exactly why I avoided this for our wedding. But makes for a great picture!
(Matt and I)
 (Yes, the band played a few songs. Ha! And the groom... yup, he's in the band...It was a fun time!)
It was a fun wedding! Idk I think I like showing up to the wedding and partying rather then being in the wedding- Ha!
We have such great people in our lives. We are so lucky!
Sidenote: Still no house. Looking at two more houses this Thursday. Also Matt's graduation party is this Saturday. Just four months later. The month of October is so busy for us.


laura said...

So did the guy fall in the water? LMAO!!! Congrats Tiff and Mike :)

Mandy Bogdan said...

NO he almost fell in the water. His legs were hanging off one side of the pier his head off the other...it was so funny!