Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Matt's 28th Birthday

Saturday was Matt’s official birthday. The big 2-8. He had made prior plans to play at Carson’s Creekside the night of his birthday with his band. Which kind of worked out for me because then I didn’t have the stress of planning a birthday party. It also worked out because all Matt had to do was make a Facebook invite to get everyone to come out to celebrate.

Saturday morning Matt woke up and made himself a big birthday breakfast. Does that make me a bad wife? For some reason, I couldn’t get up. I ended up waking up after the breakfast was finished. (How
convenient, ha!) 

Matt and I decided to spend the day together. We ended up over The Avenue at Pier One. So much cute stuff at that store. Mostly everything was 20% off in there. I didn’t see anything I really needed (I’m waiting on the house because then I’ll be able to really decorate and get an idea of how I want it to look). I felt really bad a Pier One because Matt wanted this star lantern and I told him not to get it. I should have just told him to buy it. He got his feelings hurt and told me I was being rude because I always buy stuff. (So true). But the star lantern wasn’t on sale, why? Everything else in the store was. Honestly, if this is the biggest thing Matt and I argue over (a star lantern) I think we have a pretty decent relationship- Ha! I need to get myself back there this weekend and buy Matt the lantern. Poor guy. I didn’t mean to be bitchy. It was his birthday for god sake, what is my deal.

Anyway, Saturday night we met all our friends at Carson’s for Matt’s show. Wow, I was so excited that so many people came out to celebrate. Even my sister came out! And she drank herself a few glasses of wine,score! She was hilarious. Mind you, she has a two-year-old so she’s not the going out type anymore.It was a real treat to be able to party with her and all the girls. We really did enjoy ourselves. 

I wish I would have taken more pictures.But I got some of us girls! (Face it, that's all that really matters. Birthday boy, who? Jk it's hard to get pictures of Matt because he's playing the whole time. Plus we spent a lot of time out on the floating pier). 
 Bottles of wine, Moscato, are only $10! We drank that all night long. My bill for the entire night, including my dinner, only came to $20! Sweeeet!
 I don't know how this got started but someone dared Calvin to try and tight-rope. Of course, he couldn't do it. And he finally gave up.

Sunday was the Raven’s game so my sister and brother in-law invited all our friends over their house.
Everyone just brought a dish. It was really nice and there was a ton of food. Plus my Mom had gotten
Matt a birthday cake. My friend Chris also brought his TV over and we watched the game outside on the porch. Sounds kind of crazy, but their porch is huge and covered. So it was nice to be able to sit outside and enjoy the great weather and also watch the game. It was a great, great game!
 Last cake of the weekend. My mom put toy cars on it, ha!!
 After the Raven's game the boys totally WT (white trashed) it up! They went outside and played football in the street. Shirts even came off towards the end! Woo woo. It was a sexy sight, haha.
Overall, I think Matt had a good 28th birthday. This Friday we are going over my in-laws to celebrate with crabs. OMG! They steam and season the crabs themselves and they are A-MAZ-ING!! I can't wait!


laura said...

Gosh we sure did have a busy weekend and pretty much the same blog posts. LOL!! Glad you caught the football WT fest in action.

Helen said...

Mandy, did you get Matt the star lantern? You are too much! Love your honesty!

Mandy Bogdan said...

Mrs. Helen lol No, not yet. That is my mission this weekend! He'll be away in AC for a bach. party. And thank you. Trying to keep it Real!