Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who knew house hunting was this hard?

Friday we received our rent notice; stating that we have to renew our lease by September 30th or be moved out of our apartment by December 31st. Oy- Vey. This has made for a stressful last couple of days. Matt and I are really feeling the pressure of finding a home for our little future family. Mind you, we’ve been looking for a home for what feels like years. (In reality, we’ve been house hunting since June; when we got back from our honeymoon). But boy, oh boy. This house hunting thing is not as easy as I had imagined. I pictured us finding a house we liked, putting an offer on it and a month later moving in. Easy breezy. But total negative. We have looked at what feels like hundreds of homes. Liked a few (that we put offers on, that were denied) but we still haven’t found “the one.”
Matt and I drove around yesterday after work and did drive-bys to check out homes and neighborhoods of a couple of potential houses we saw online. I didn’t love any of the neighborhoods. Idk everything looks terrible. I think because the economy is bad people don’t have the money to keep their homes updated (and dang, I can tell). Some neighborhoods just looked trashy. It was really frustrating to me. I was all, “Look at the house next to it. Omg! I could not have them as my neighbors. Omg! Driving home and staring at that house next store every day, can’t do it. Why is there trash out front? There’s no parking here. Omg, no!!” Matt was just slightly annoyed with me. It turned into an argument on the way home. Matt was all, “You hate everything. I don’t know where you want to live! Parking, why do you care about parking!” Matt was just a tad frustrated with me. I understand. It’s so much to think about and very stressful. I’ll take that “easy” button now, please.
By the time we got home, Matt and I were fine. We walked Chase and talked it out. We are both just frustrated with the whole situation. It’s hard to think about putting all our money into something. (It’s scary). We just both want to make the right decision and are feeling the pressure of buying a home within the next three months. Needless to say, I think I’m going to be drinking a lot of wine.
Everyone keep their fingers crossed that we’ll find the “right” house and make the "right" decision.


laura said...

Fingers and toes are crossed. This is supposed to be fun. :(

Mandy Bogdan said...

Thanks Laur Laur! I'm feeling a better about the whole house thing after talking with Matt and he sent me a nice email this morning. I'll have to post it! lol