Sunday, September 4, 2011

DC Trip

Friday, I took off work for a DC trip with Matt! Matt has been asking me to go to DC since he started working there, eight months ago. It's kind of crazy that we live so close to DC and never really go or think to go. (I haven't been to DC since my 3rd grade field trip, no joke). We really wanted to do all the touristy stuff (washington monument, white house, MLK memorial, and museums). We took the MARC train down (like Matt does everyday to work). It was cool for me to see Matt's daily work routine and see his office building. He's the best husband. I couldn't imagine taking that train ride four days a week. I feel so lucky that he's doing that to better our future. :-)
 The Capital
Matt and I (Happy to be in DC)
 National Museum of Natural History.
 National Museum of American History. (This museum was ok, not as interesting as we thought it was going to be. We also ate lunch there. Terrible. And terribly expensive. Matt was right, pack a lunch next time).
 Washington Monument
 I had to put this up to note my outfit. Matt said I had to wear tennis shoes and shorts. I fought him about this but listened. Best advice ever. We walked for six hours straight. And we were sweaty hot. Plus our legs hurt so bad at the end of the day. OMG. Most exercise this girl has had in a long time. Wow.
 WWII Monument. Army band was playing there too. Cool stuff.
 Our favorite, Martin Luther King Memorial. So detailed, awesome. I don't know how the artist even created this. Def. worth going to see.
 Front entrance to the MLK Memorial.
 Korean War Memorial
 Abraham Lincoln Memorial
 The White House. Yay! We walked long and far to see the White House. We were excited! Something cool about the White House. The secret service men that walk back on froth on top of the roof. So cool.
And Union Station. Where Matt gets off at the train everyday to walk two blocks to work. I'm so proud of Matt, he's so brave. I don't think I could take a train everyday, I was so confused. lol Interesting, on the way home when it was our stop everyone ran off the train and ran to their cars. So crazy. Matt said it's because it's rush hour and they want to get out of parking lot fast. 
We def. had a great time in DC. We felt like we saw a lot of great tourist attractions. It was a nice adventure for us. We want to go back and do the stuff we didn't get to see. DC zoo comes to mind! :-)
Plus coolest thing about DC, everything is FREE!! 


Jessica McElvaney Le said...

The DC Zoo is a lot of fun. Though you do have to pay for parking, but still it's probably cheaper than paying for entrance fees, especially if you bring a car-ful of people.

We metro down to the Chinatown area sometimes since it's not too far from our house. Two of our favorite restaurants there are Zaytinya ( and Co Co Sala ( maybe Co Co Sala is just one of my favorites... since it's a chocolate lounge...mmmm

Mandy Bogdan said...

Mmm Chocolate lounge, sounds amazing!! Thanks Jessi for all the great advice!

We want to def. go back down. I will have to tell Matt! I really like DC! (Would be amazing to live down there)

laura said...

I would love to go to the zoo with you guys! Maybe a Friday in October?