Friday, September 16, 2011

Halloween is a coming...

Yesterday when I walked out of work it had legitimately dropped about ten degrees. I actually put the heat on my feet on the way home. I love living in Baltimore because of the change of seasons.
I’m looking forward to fall. I like what fall has to offer. Ravens games every Sunday, colorful leaves, hikes with Chase, cute jackets, fall boots and Halloween. Matt and I have had a Halloween party for the last two years. (Since we’ve moved into our apartment). I just love Halloween.; probably my favorite holiday to celebrate.
With Halloween comes the pressure of thinking of a costume. Matt and I usually just go up the Goodwill to find our costumes. Face it, you only wear it once, maybe twice, and who feels like putting out $60 for a costume from Party City anymore? Not me. Goodwill always has such a random selection. OMG, I love it. I mean some people (who donate) must keep everything they’ve ever worn. Last year I got the best dress ever. I remember trying it on and asking Matt to zipper me up. It fit like a glove. I was all, “OMG I love this!” Matt was all, “Really?” Really, I totally bought it for a whopping $7 and the cashier didn’t even have a bag to put it in for me. I had to carry my dress out of the store in my hands. Classy, I loved every second of it.
Since I’m getting really excited for Halloween, I figured I’d share some Halloween photos from the years past with you.
Halloween 2010
(I thought I looked like I was from that show Dynasty and Matt looked like my nerdy professor husband. Chase, was a hot dog. Chase hated his costume.)
Matt's 2009 costume. Pappa Smurf. Matt made this. He looked a little scary but how creative of him? Nuts.
Can't wait for this years Halloween party!

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laura said...

Hurry mommy get in the car...halloween is coming. LOL!