Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend in Review

Friday, after work, Matt and I went over my in-laws house for crabs. Remember me raving about how yummy their crabs are? They steam and cook the crabs themselves and they are heavenly.

It was a shocker Friday night when Matt’s Dad said, “Let’s drink some beer!” Matt’s parents (especially his Dad) never drink. My parents on the other hand, well that’s a different story- ha! So Matt and I were really excited to go get some beer to drink with our crabs! 
When we got to the liquor store a random Russian man was giving out samples of Russian Vodka. (Ok, why not). Matt took his shot straight, gag. I took mine with the Kool Aid the random Russian man provided. It was good and strong. But we didn’t buy any Russian vodka; instead we decided to buy a 12 pack of Samuel Adams assorted seasonal beer. Which had six different types of beers in it to try; and we also got a six pack of Blue Moon pumpkin beer
It made for a fun time to taste all the different beers. It was also fun cooking and eating crabs with a slight beer buzz.
My brother in-law was also there and had fun playing with the crabs. Ha! He had them picking up everything and hanging on stuff. 
 (Chase didn't know what to make of the crabs. He kept putting his face in the bag. We had to kick him out of the kitchen. This crab was dead we put it down to see what he would do. Just sniffed it.)
Matt's Dad gave him the secret recipe on how to season the crabs to make them so good!
The crabs were amazing and we had a lot of fun with my in-laws. I feel lucky to say that I honestly like my in-laws. (Most of my girlfriends can’t say the same).
 (I ended up falling asleep after all the crabs and beer.)
 (Matt found Chasey in his parents dirty clothes pile in the basement).

This weekend Matt had a bachelor party to go too in Atlantic City so he left Saturday around 1:00. He’s in his friend Mike’s wedding. (The wedding is this coming weekend). So Saturday, I had the whole day by myself and I decided to use my time wisely and clean and decorate the apartment for Halloween. Too soon? Screw it, the apartment looks so cute!
 (Remember when I was bitchy and told Matt not to buy that star lantern? Well he went Friday and bought this big lantern and this holder. He put orange lights in it. It looks really cute when it's all light up. I'm happy that he went and got it. I really felt so bad about being a meany).
Saturday night I had bachelorette party to attend. I convinced my BF Emily to come down with me to the bachelorette party at PBR’s. (This new(ish) bar in downtown Baltimore’s Power Plant). They have a mechanical bull. Wow. That was fun to watch. Some girls are real hott mess’. But it was awesome for us because our friend Mike works the bull as a rodeo clown (so random) but he seems to looove his job. So we totally got the bachelorette to get on the bull and the other rodeo clown hopped on with her. It was a good time! I think the bachelorette totally enjoyed herself. I know I did. Matt asked, “How late were you up?” Me, “I don’t know?” Matt, “You texted me a picture of you and Chase at 3:45 in the morning.” Lol Hmmm I guess I did have a good time! 
Hmm just a little odd for a 3:45 am text message. 
Sunday is our Ravens day; where we all go over my sister’s house to watch the game and everyone brings a dish. Sunday’s are so fun because it’s a chance to see all our family and friends. We watched the game outside again this Sunday. How you ask? Dan carried his flat screen over. (Only in Essex, does your neighbor carry over his flat screen TV so you can watch a football game outside.) 

The Ravens def. weren’t doing as good as last weekend so some of us girls decided to take Trav and my sister’s niece, Kirsten to “Essex Day.” Yup, it was as Essex as you think it would be. They had blocked off a part of Eastern Ave and vendors set up. They also had some rides at the end of the fair. It was crazy group there and it was a real treat to people watch. 

 This guy and his dog were true Ravens fans.
( I met the Baltimore Hon! She was so nice. Check out her bee hive! )
 Love her Baltimore Ravens jersey!


laura said...

Essex day was classic. CLASSIC!

Mandy Bogdan said...

I loved it!!! Real treat. Real neat. Just neat!