Monday, September 12, 2011

This weekend was Matt’s 28th birthday. Wow, 2-8. Seems old. I guess it’s old to me because when I met Matt he was only 21 and I was 18. (Give me a moment; reality is setting in…we’re getting old. Sounds terrible. Ha!) But 28 isn’t bad, I think Matt has a lot going for him at 28. I’m proud of my Matty.
So this weekend we celebrated, a lot. All weekend long, which is fine with me because I have the biggest sweet tooth and a weekend long celebration meant a lot of cake!  
Friday after work I called my sister and asked if she wanted to get Matt a cake and sing happy birthday to him at her house. (Don’t you love that we have that kind of relationship that I just invite myself over. Not that she has a two-year-old to care for or anything. Ha!) Matt had mentioned last weekend, with his parents, that the cakes at By the Scoop looked amazing. Lucky him, we had a 20% off coupon so I figured I would treat us. Matt and Steve, my brother in-law, were playing video games when we went to get the cake so it was a total surprise.  
Let me tell you, this cake was in-sane. OMG! Oreo cheesecake ice cream cake. Eat your heart out Carvel, you ain’t got nothing on By the Scoop’s ice cream cakes. Seriously, crazy good. To the point that while we were eating it we were all saying “Oh my god” “Oh my god this is so good.” “Holy $hit this is some good cake”
Wow amazing.
 (Oreo Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake)
 Trav was ready for his piece of cake. Note: We each ate two pieces, I kid you not. Our stomachs hurt so bad but it was worth it. Best ice cream cake, ever!
My sister got Matt this crazy card. (From Dollar tree; of course, where else would you find a card like this?)
I think Matt was surprised and really enjoyed the cake. (He ate three pieces, no joke. It was that good).
Saturday Matt had a show at Carson's. So fun! I'll post about it later!


laura said...

Who can we buy another cake for??? I want to try the PB and chocolate one. YUM!

Mandy Bogdan said...

I know!! Ummm Halloween?! We'll have to call ahead and make sure they have the PB!