Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughts on the little love of my life....

Wow, I feel like I have a thousand thoughts running through my mind. Maybe because it’s Friday and I’m so friggin excited that it’s FRIDAY!!
We have our friends Mike and Tiff’s wedding this weekend. Matt is in the wedding so tonight is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Which means, I HAVE to leave work early because I need me time to get ready. Or I’m just totally jealous of Matt being off and I’m making any excuse to go hangout with him.
On a completely different subject; my Trav (my nephew) stopped over last night. OMG, I could just eat him. He looked extra chubby last night and it was so hard to not just kiss, hug and squeeze him the whole night.
I feel like its safe to say; he LOVES his “Aunt Man Man.” He laughed at everything I did, danced with me, pulled me around the apartment, insisted I “put cricket in trash,” and told my sister, “No, I sleep with Mandy.” Then proceeded to pull me back into my bedroom to lay on my bed with me. I about melted.
I’m totally one of those Aunts. You know, who talks about their niece or nephew like they’re their own. Ask my sister, I cry over this child. Every time he does something he loves; like rides the train at the fair or gets to meet Buzz Lightyear and Woody, I cry. Is this just the oddest thing ever? Am I alone in this?
I melt over my nephew. I’m so lucky to have such a cute, adorable, fun and loving nephew.
Being so in love with him makes me wonder, how the hell will I be with my own kids. A crying, blubbing mess?
So I leave you with some Trav pictures, enjoy!
 (I mean seriously, Do you see this face?!! OMG! Stinker!)
 (So random but my sister, Trav and I New Year's 2010)
 (OMG, seriously. Have you seen a cuter face?)
(And he's funny! Geez! This is Trav's "ugly face" when he was a baby and he would get mad at you he would snort at you and do this face. Ha! It became known as the "ugly face")
How lucky am I to have such a wonderful nephew and family?!


laura said...

Cute post!! You will love your own baby like you have never loved anyone before in your entire life. It is the best thing ever. And you probably will not cry you will just be so proud and excited. I am glad I can talk about Travis all day with you. I know me and Steve do but it might be boring for some other people. LOL! BTW...Travis was so cute last fall and still looked like a baby. He looks so old now :( And how random were we on the last day of 2009? What were we wearing? Our outfits look like 1998. WTH!

Mandy Bogdan said...

OMG! Didn't he look so little and we thought he was so big there. Gosh he is just growing so fast. We better savor every moment. This is a great time in his life bc he says the funniest things.

Idk what were we wearing? Hahah! We look cute though!